About Spinechills

Hello, I'm HR (Holly) Harkness. Welcome to Spinechills!

I'm a children's bookseller and author. I started Spinechills a couple of years ago because I really loved the horror and dark fantasy books that were being written by children's authors, and I thought they weren't being given enough attention online. So I decided to start a review site devoted entirely to these terrifying reads!

Recently, I've decided to add a few more sections to the site - namely posts aimed at those wanting to write horror books for kids. I've found that while a lot of writing advice is universal, horror (and kids' horror in particular) has its own set of tips and tricks to learn, so while I'm exploring my own writing, I'll also be posting what I discover here.

If you're a publisher or author who would like me to review a book, please e-mail me. Unfortunately I cannot review e-books or self-published books at this time, but this may change in future.

I'm also available to give talks about horror books to school groups within Australia - please contact my speaker's agency Booked Out and ask for HJ Harper (my author name).

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