Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meeting Joseph Delaney

The Wardstone Chronicles are some of my all-time favourite books, and they're also one of the first series I read when I got back into reading kidlit and YA. From the first pages of Spook's Apprentice, I was hooked. 'Are all books for kids really this good?' I wondered. 'What have I been missing out on?'

I've since devoured every one of the Wardstone Chronicles, including Spook's Witches, the book of short stories, and Spook's Bestiary, a guide to all the weird and wonderful creatures of the county.

So imagine my delight when I heard Joseph Delaney was coming to Melbourne for a signing session. My very lovely boyfriend agreed to drive me and my piles of books on the hour long trip to Dymocks Southland, and once there I met a fellow bookseller friend who I ranted and raved at to read the books, and once she read one, she was also hooked.

Joseph was kind enough to sign all the books I brought, which I thought was just lovely since it really was quite a pile, and even pose for a picture.

Me, Joseph Delany and The Pile
While he was signing I chatted away about my love for Grimmalkin and begged him to assure me the Chippenden Boggart was okay. He said the boggart might make a reappearance (please, please, please) and that I'd really enjoy the book after Spook's Destiny (which apparently is out as soon as July in Australia, wow!) because it would be a Grimmalkin book. Eee!

It was such a pleasure talking to the man whose stories have captivated me, and many, many others so much, and I really hope Joseph enjoys the rest of his stay in Australia.


  1. How awesome! I too have met him!! He did an event for Magdalen College School last year that I was fortunate enough to go to ^.^ Did you see his concept art for the series?? Truely awesome :D

  2. I'd love to see him do a school event, seems like it would be heaps of fun! Didn't get to see any concept art, sadly. What sort of stuff was it?