Thursday, May 3, 2012

Doom Rider for YOU!

Hello Spinechilldren. How much do you love me? I hope it's a lot, because I'm going to be bringing you a few presents over the next couple of days, the kind wrapped in sinister-looking newspaper and dripping a little, just how we like it.

Yay! My strawberry milkshake has arrived.

The first present is one that is sure to whet your appetite. Do you remember a little while ago when I posted the cover of the forthcoming David Gatward book, Doom Rider? Well now you can check it out yourself, since Hachette has posted some sample chapters online for you to read:

And I highly recommend you do go and read them to get you in the mood for Doom Rider's release date in July. I've gone on record as a big fan of Gatward's previous books, and I think this latest instalment is his best work yet.

My green skin is crawling with excitement!

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