Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review - Haunters

The Eulogy (From the Publisher): 
Eddie, Adam and David have the same gift. Separated by generations, they are linked by their ability to time-travel. Using their dreams, they can appear like ghosts, wherever and whenever they want. The first is the genius who discovers dreamwalking. The second is a Haunter, a dream-terrorist, determined to change history for his own ends. The last is the novice dreamwalker who must battle to save his family, and himself, from oblivion.

The Epitaph (In a Nutshell): An interesting and atmospheric young adult novel that melds ghosts and time travel.

Dearly Departed, 
We are gathered here today to discuss Haunters by Thomas Taylor. I'm not the biggest fan of time travel - in fact, had I looked past the cover and title that seemed to scream 'GHOSTS!' and saw that it was about visiting the past, I might not have picked it up. However, I'm glad I did give it a go, because Haunters is one of the more original reads I've read recently.
Any author who is having trouble with their opening scene would do well to study Haunters, because it throws you right into the action from page one, as main character David attempts to save Eddie from a burning building. Throughout this opening chapter I was left with a very unsettling sense of disorientation, almost as though I was reading the final scene of a book, and it really sucked me in. 
As much as I did enjoy this book, I was expecting a scarier read. I couldn't really call this a ghost story; though there are ghosts, they're not really of the vengeful dead spirit variety, more a side effect of time travel. That said, the action is top notch, and I really enjoyed the original take on the time travel genre, so I'd definitely recommend this to any reader looking for an unsettling mystery tale.

Recommended for: Fans of time travel; Time Riders; Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children.

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