Monday, February 11, 2013

Best Reads: The Fury

The Fury by Alexander Gordon Smith

What's it About?
Brick, Cal and Daisy are three very different kids with one unfortunate thing in common – everybody wants to kill them. Otherwise normal people turn into ravening, zombie-like creatures when they come into range, so the only thing they can do is stay far, far away from other human beings. Easier said than done. They eventually find refuge in an abandoned themepark, but the problems don’t stop there. Because strange things are happening to them – things that could be called super powers – and they'll need to learn more about these powers if they're to defeat their terrifying new enemy.

And in a Nutshell? 
Zombies (sort of), edge of your seat terror, not a lot of gore, brilliantly written characters, 12+

Why is it a Best Read?
The Fury is a relatively new book, which makes it perfect for those keen horror fans who have read everything else. It’s such a great set-up: the spooky location, the horrible fate that awaits those targeted (and if the reader needed any convincing, a kid well and truly gets it in the opening chapter). But what really makes this book for me are the characters – the three main characters are all utterly different but you genuinely care about all of them, especially Brick, the misunderstood thug, and the introduction of less-than-warm-and-fuzzy Rilke later on in the book really rounds out the cast. 

The Fury is a long book, but it will absolutely keep you hooked the whole time. I was. This is the perfect book for fans of Gone – in fact, I think it’s much better than Gone, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the series holds (Book 2: The Storm out May 2013).

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