Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Horror New Releases

These are the horror new releases in Australia for the month of May. Not a huge range of younger stuff this month, but some dynamite titles for YA.
What I'm Excited About: I can't wait to read Robin Hood vs. the Undead Plague (I'm a sucker for a good crossover), and it's good to see a resurgence of Choose Your Own Adventure books with the iHorror titles. I'm also excited about Devil's Triangle, because I'm obsessed with the Bermuda Triangle, and I'm halfway through Ministry of Pandemonium which so far is excellent - review to follow!

Junior & Middle Fiction
iHorror: Vampire Hunter, Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore (Hachette).
iHorror: Zombie Hunter, Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore (Hachette).
Tremors: Deadly Dodgem, Anthony Masters (Hachette).
Tremors: Spectre in School Lane, Tessa Potter (Hachette).
Raven Mysteries 5: Magic and Mayhem, Marcus Sedgewick (Hachette).

Young Adult
Hex Hall 2: Raising Demons, Rachel Hawkins (Simon & Schuster).
Devil's Triangle, Mark Robson (Simon & Schuster).
Fear Street 5: The Boy Who Ate Fear Street, R.L. Stine (Simon & Schuster).
Vampire's Promise, Caroline B. Cooney (Scholastic).
Ministry of Pandemonium, Chris Westwood (Walker).
Screaming Season, Nancy Holder (Penguin).
Robin Hood vs. the Plague Undead, James Black (Hachette).
Raptor, Paul Zindel (Hachette).
Vampyr Legion, Alan Gibbons (Hachette).
Warriors of the Raven, Alan Gibbons (Hachette).
Lunatic's Curse, F.E. Higgins (Macmillan).

Graphic Novels
Mysteries of Harris Burdick, Chris Van Allsburg (Random).
Salem Brownstone: All Along the Watchtowers, John Harris Dunning and Nikhil Singh (Walker).

As usual, let me know if I've left anything out that you think should be in the list. But remember, these are Australian release dates only.

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