Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chronicles of the Dead - News in YA & Kids' Horror

News from the week ending 3/6/11.
  • There's an excellent interview with Darren Shan on Inis Magazine's website. Lots of great questions that offer some insight into one of YA horror's best and most prolific authors.
  • Sarwat Chadda makes me think there's hope for me yet by blogging about downsizing his book collection. As a chronic book hoarder with no less than five full size book cases crammed with books, I found myself alternatively cheering and wincing at Sarwat's bold book culling. Interesting stuff!
  • Barry Hutchison's Zombie Diary is into its 11th day and each entry is more chilling than the last. This is such an amazing idea, and seeing the spread of the Zombie Apocalypse via these diary entries makes for excellent reading.
  • Ever wonder how a book trailer is made? This article from Indie Horror is a fascinating and in-depth look at the process of creating the book trailer for Peter Labrow's book The Well.
  • The eleventh book in the Scream Street series is almost here! It's released in the UK on 7 July, but in the meantime, check out the excellent cover on Tommy Donbavand's website.
  • It's times like these that I get really frustrated I don't live in the UK - Sam Enthoven, Stephen Deas, Steve Feasey and William Hussey will be teaming up to do an event this Friday the 3rd for the Stoke Newington Literary Festival and it takes place IN A GRAVEYARD! Green with envy (or that could just be the decaying zombie flesh). Check out the details over at Sam Enthoven's website.
  • William Hussey has a brand new website, and to celebrate the launch he's got a swag of goods to give away as part of a competition. Head on over for the details on how to enter!

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