Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Horror New Releases

These are the horror new releases for June.
What I'm Excited About: Okay, what I'm really excited about this month are the Star League series because... (drumroll) IT'S ME! That's right, I also go by the name H.J. Harper, and since these are my first books, I hope you can allow me a little glowing pride.

Ahem, favouritism aside, there are a lot of great titles out this month, but in particular I'm looking forward to The Damned, Scream Street 11, Undead Ed, Zombie Chasers and Long Lankin.

Junior & Middle
Star League 1: Lights, Camera, Action Hero! H.J. Harper (Random).
Star League 2: Curse of the Werewolf, H.J. Harper (Random).
Star League 3: Raising the Dead, H.J. Harper (Random).
Star League 4: The Ninja Code, H.J. Harper (Random).
An Awfully Beastly Business: Bang Goes a Troll, The Beastly Boys (Simon & Schuster).
School of Night 2: Creeping Storm, Justin Richards (Allen & Unwin). 
Zombie Chasers, John Kloepfer (Harper).
Jim Springman 2: Springman Brothers Reality Repair, Joshua Wright (Scholastic).
Grim & Grimmer 4: The Calamitous Queen, Ian Irvine (Scholastic).
Goosebumps: Hall of Horrors, R.L. Stine (Scholastic).
Ghosts of the Titanic, Julie Lawson (Scholastic).
Creepy Creatures: Bat Attack, Ed Graves (Scholastic).
Scream Street 11: Hunger of the Yeti, Tommy Donbavand (Walker).
Dragonbreath 4: Lair of the Bat Monster, Ursula Vernon (Penguin).
My Sister the Vampire 5: Take Two, Sienna Mercer (Hardie Grant Egmont).
My Sister the Vampire 6: Love Bites, Sienna Mercer (Hardie Grant Egmont).
Kitty Slade 1: Divine Freaks, Fiona Dunbar (Hachette).
Undead Ed and the Howling Moon, David Grimstone (Hachette).
A Spindlewood Tale 2: Pip and the Twilight Seekers, Chris Mould (Hachette).

Young Adult

The Cursed Ones, Nancy Holder (Simon & Schuster).
Darkness Becomes Her, Kelly Keaton (Simon & Schuster).
Long Lankin, Nancy Barraclough (Random).
Blood Ninja 2, Nick Lake (Allen & Unwin).
Armies of Death, Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson (Allen & Unwin).
Appointment with F.E.A.R., Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson (Allen & Unwin).
Hunting Ground, Cliff McNish (Hachette).
The Damned, David Gatward (Hachette).

If I’ve missed something out, let me know in the comments! But remember, these are Australian release dates only.

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