Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crawlers Competition!

I love gore. I really do. Nothing makes me happier than when a particular scene in a book makes me squirm uncomfortably and make little sick noises. So it’s no surprise that when I first saw the cover of Crawlers by Sam Enthoven, I knew it would be the book for me!

I was definitely not disappointed. Aside from an absolutely riveting story about a group of kids trying to survive what should’ve been a simple night out at the theatre, Crawlers has some of the most disgusting creatures out there. I mean, read this:
Each spider-thing was about twenty centimetres across. Instead of eight legs though, weirdly, they had five – four long ones on each side of their wide, flattened bodies and only one, a thicker one, on the other. Also, apart from a thin band of red at the joints of each of their legs, they were almost transparent – like jellyfish. The creatures were almost as unpleasant dead as they had been alive. They gave off a faint fishy smell and they were sticky to the touch.’ p. 59

Gross. But the crawlers just get worse:

‘The twitching creature was just centimetres from her face. Its five legs – broken and disjointed but hideously eager – grasped for her. Twin needles of bone, glistening with fluid, flickered in and out from the crawler’s centre mass.’ p 109
I’m pleased to announce that Sam Enthoven has very kindly given Spine Chills a copy of the new Crawlers audio book to give away. Complete and unabridged, the five disc set is brilliantly read by Joe Coen. Check out this audio bite on It’s like the crawlers are in my ears!

If you’d like to win this delightfully skin-crawling audio book, you’ll need to brush up on your gore-writing skills. Simply write a short piece (less than 400 words) involving your brush with a crawler – oh, and extra points are given for any gory parts that make me squirm!

Send all entries to The competition is open to anyone in the world, and the winning entry will be read out by Sam Enthoven himself!

This competition closes Friday 15 July, so get crawling!

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