Friday, July 1, 2011

July Horror New Releases

These are the horror new releases for July.

What I'm Excited About:
Some excellent reads are being published this month! POD is not your typical horror - it follows the lives to two characters who are dealing with the arrival of strange UFOs in the sky who disappear anybody who sets foot outside. Chilling stuff! Witch Hunter Chronicles is the first in what will almost certainly be a brilliant series from an Australian author, super excited about that! For the younger crowd, Sophie and the Shadow Woods is such a cool series, about a girl who likes judo more than fairies, and finds out she's the Shadow Guardian. Lastly, can't wait to get my hands on Curtis Jobling's next book in the Wereworld series, Rage of Lions.

Junior & Middle 
Sophie and the Shadow Woods 1: The Goblin King, Linda Chapman & Lee Weatherly (Harper).
Night on Terror Island, Philip Caveney (Random).
Death and the Underworld, Anthony Horowitz (Macmillan).
Night of the Werecat, R.L. Stine (Simon & Schuster).

Young Adult
Witch Hunter Chronicles 1: The Scourge of Jericho, Stuart Daly (Random).
POD , Steven Wallenfels (A&U).
Crowfield Demon, Pat Walsh (Scholastic).
Wereworld 2: Rage of Lions, Curtis Jobling (Penguin).
Born at Midnight, C.C. Hunter (Macmillan).
Kill Fish Jones, Caro King (Macmillan).
Changeling 5: Zombie Dawn, Steve Feasey (Macmillan).
The Dead, Charlie Higson [New Format] (Penguin).
Alone: Survivor, James Phelan (Hachette).
Thirteen Days to Midnight, Patrick Carman (Hachette).
Mashups: Blackbeard's Pirates vs. The Evil Mummies, James Black (Hachette).

If I’ve missed something out, let me know in the comments! But remember, these are Australian release dates only.

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