Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Horror New Releases

 These are the horror new releases for September.

What I'm Excited About: Something I constantly feel a little undwhelmed by is the amount of Australian kids' and YA horror that's being published (i.e. none). Well this month I have absolutely no reason to feel underwhelmed because there are two phenomenal horror titles from debut Aussie authors. I've already read Blood Song by Rhiannon Hart and I was absolutely blown away by the dark fantasy world within. I've just begun Mammon, but already I can see I'm going to love it. The writing is phenomenal, and the premise is one of those highly original and enthralling ideas you'll wish you had yourself!

Junior & Middle
The Considine Curse, Gareth P. Jones (Allen & Unwin).
Sounds Spooky, Cheng & Davis (Random).

Young Adult
Vampire Labyrinth: Oracle, G.P. Taylor (A&U).
Gamerunner, B.R. Collins (A&U).
Haunting Emma: Deception, Lee Nichols (A&U)
Daniel X: Demons and Druids, James Patterson (Ran).
Bloodsong: First Book of Lharmell, Rhiannon Hart (Ran).
Mammon, J.B. Thomas (Ran).
Vampirates 6: Immortal War, Justin Somper (Simon & Schuster).
Everfound, Neal Shusterman (S&S).
Fury, Elizabeth Miles (S&S).

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  1. The Considine Curse looks really cool. Will check it out. Thanks!