Saturday, February 26, 2011

Review - Department 19

The Eulogy (From the Publisher): In a secret supernatural battle that's been raging for over a century, the stakes have just been raised -- and they're not wooden anymore. When Jamie Carpenter's mother is kidnapped by strange creatures, he finds himself dragged into Department 19, the government's most secret agency. Fortunately for Jamie, Department 19 can provide the tools he needs to find his mother, and to kill the vampires who want him dead. But unfortunately for everyone, something much older is stirring, something even Department 19 can't stand up against

Epitaph (In a Nutshell): A completely engrossing horror/thriller that's sure to be one of the Next Big Things.

Dearly Departed
We are gathered here today to discuss Department 19 by Will Hill. And wow, where to begin? It's such a pleasure when you encounter a read where the world has obviously been so well thought out and planned, and you know that when you begin reading it there's that pleasure of knowing you've just started to scratch the surface. 
That's how I felt with Department 19. From the first adrenaline-packed pages I was hooked. This book really does have it all - strong, believable characters, a fast-paced but multi-layered plot, and, my personal favourite, some exquisitely gory scenes. The bad guys in this are really bad, and it leads to some epic battles.
Normally I'm not so keen on books that switch back and forth between various time periods, but the way Hill handled it here was masterful. It added so much more to the overall narrative and opened my eyes to what a good technique it can be when it's done well - in fact, the scenes with Van Helsing and company were probably the ones I enjoyed most. 
I absolutely devoured this book, and though it wasn't a slim read the end came all too soon. However, the few loose ends in this book will hopefully ensure a sequel, and I for one can't wait to get my claws on it!

Also, be sure to check out Department 19's very excellent book trailer:

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