Monday, February 21, 2011

Haunted Puppet Theatre: The Dark

I was awoken last night by a very strange sound - voices, coming from behind the locked door of my study.
'Impossible,' I said to myself. 'I'm home alone!'
I fumbled for my key and unlocked the study door, only to find... puppets. Strange little puppets lying motionless in a pile on the floor. I'd never seen them before, and I wasn't sure where they'd come from, but there was definitely something sinister about them.
Lying next to the puppets was a copy of the book The Dark by David Gatward. After putting the book back on the shelf (taking care not to touch those vile puppets) I heard my e-mail alert notifier sound. An e-mail... from an unknown address... with a video clip attached...
If only I'd never opened that e-mail.
What I saw in that video sent chills down my spine. I enclose it here, against my better judgement. Watch at your own risk...

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